Spotlight for Barb Padula

How long have you been cycling? I’ve been riding seriously since I joined MVBC in 2005. 

How many miles a year do you typically ride? Strava says I did 6,226 miles last year, including Zwift miles. This is surprising to me, but we did put in a lot of miles in January in Tucson. Plus my husband, Nick, retired, so we got out more.

What is your greatest cycling accomplishment? I think my biggest accomplishments have been competing in the Whiteface Mountain Race, the Tour of the Battenkill, and the Black Fly Challenge.

Why did you join MVBC, and what have you enjoyed most? Before I joined the club, I was riding by myself. I learned about the club at a Sonne’s open house. I discovered it’s much more fun and motivating to ride in a group. In addition, I’ve learned a lot of skills.

What’s your favorite thing about riding? It’s so versatile. You can do everything from riding by yourself for solitude to riding in a fast-paced group to riding in an exhilarating paceline. It’s also a great way to explore the countryside, both local and in other areas.

What is your favorite route*? I enjoy riding down to the Hamilton coffee shops and doing the Ilion and Frankfort Gorges. There are multiple ways to get to Hamilton, which adds variety.

What’s the best advice you have for a new rider? Best advice I got was from my early mentor Tim Riley. He encouraged me to have the confidence to stay as far up in the group as I could. Not to be the fastest, but to not be dropped on a hill or when the group takes off. The other recommendation I have is to spin fast; it really saves the legs, especially on the hills.

*Barb’s favorite route: 45 miles.