Frequently Asked Questions

To become a member there is an annual fee of just $25 for an individual and $40 for a family! After you are a member you can attend as many rides as you would like! Learn more here!

Thursday night rides are perfect for new members! It is a group C pace which is a slower pace and shorter distance. There is also often a sweeper which is a rider at the back of the group that makes sure any rider who falls back has someone to ride with and show the route. 

When you arrive you can let the ride leader know you are a new member and ask them any questions you may have!


Most riders will have road bikes as they ride smoothly and quickly on pavement. Both new and old road bikes work great. Some riders will have hybrid bikes, gravel bikes, and E-bikes. Mountain bikes are not recommended for road riding as they roll much slower on pavement and will take much more effort to keep up.


Helmets are required on all MVBC rides. It is important to have a helmet that fits you well.


Many riders will have cycling-specific clothing for comfort and utility.

Cycling jerseys have pockets on their back which are convenient for storing a phone and wallet. Cycling shorts are designed for comfort on the bike and tend to have padding built-in. Sunglasses are often worn for the sun as well as keeping bugs out of the rider’s eyes. 

These cycling-specific clothing choices are completely optional and are not needed when starting out.

Water Bottle

A water bottle that fits on your bike is important to stay hydrated throughout the ride.

Puncture Equipment

It is always a good idea to bring a tube, a pump, tire levers and any tools you need to fix a flat tire. If you have never changed a flat tire, a club member can assist you!

It is important to choose the correct ride category for your fitness level. The A and B rides tend to not have sweepers (a rider at the back of the pack making sure no one is left behind). Thursday night C rides are great if you are worried about being left behind as they are at a slower pace and often have a sweeper.

Yes! We have many women members of all ages and women board members.

We put on weekly time trial races on Tuesday nights. We put on some practice races and up hill time trials throughout the year. Check our Facebook Page for up-to-date rides. 

No, you absolutely don’t need a TT bike for the Tuesday Night Time Trials. 

We have riders in their 20s and 60s and everything in between!

We have rides at all different paces! Learn more on our rides page!

We always strive to pick routes that have less traffic!

Our covid policy can be found here.