Covid Policy

MVBC COVID Policy (May 2021)

The health and safety of our community and our members is our top priority. If you have any COVID symptoms do not attend a group ride.

We realize everything related to COVID is in a state of constant flux, so these guidelines are subject to change and apply to everyone regardless of vaccination status.

MVBC routinely monitors the COVID guidelines provided by the CDC and local health officials. We have established the following guidelines.

Update: 5/22/2021: New CDC guidelines now permits MVBC to allow fully vaccinated members the option to NOT wear a mask at outdoor events, activities, gathering for a ride, or when stopping to regroup. Non-vaccinated members will continue to follow MVBC current COVID-19 guidelines.

1. The greatest transmission risk is while standing around before and after rides.
Therefore, participants must either wear a mask or maintain social distancing of six feet before and after each ride (vaccinated members may disregard).
2. Participants must wear a mask or maintain social distancing during regrouping or a bike repair. Riders must have a mask available for all stops (vaccinated members may disregard).
3. During Time Trial staging, all participants including the support team must wear a mask. Prior to your start, TT riders may take their mask off (vaccinated members may disregard).
4. When the need arises to blow your nose or spit, move to the back of the group and ensure no one is nearby.
5. Post-ride refreshments will not be provided by MVBC. If you would like to organize a post-ride get-together, you are welcome to arrange one.
We understand that everyone has a different comfort level and you are welcomed to engage in higher levels of protection (for example, wearing a mask while riding).