The MVBC offers a wide variety of rides for cyclists of all ability levels.

For our up-to-date ride schedule, visit our Facebook Page.

Weekly Recurring Rides

  •  Departure sites:
    o Myles Elementary School – April and July
    o Whitesboro High School – May and August
    o Clinton Hannaford – June and September
  •  Departure times:
    o 5:45 pm – A & B
    o 5:45 pm – Social

Social Ride: ~15 miles and is at a relaxed pace with regrouping at every intersection.

Multi level ride A & B ride. 25-36 miles depending on light, on moderate terrain with a
“Sweeper” (who stays with the last rider). This tends to break up into groups of various speeds.
If you start off in the front group you can always drop back to the group with the speed you
want. Shortcuts and turn-arounds are available to make the route as short as you want. Sweeper
and Ride Leader volunteers welcome.

Starts first Tuesday in May at 7:00 p.m.. Park at 585 Phoenix Dr., Rome, by the BAE building.   All club members are welcome to compete or volunteer. People show up around 6:00 for warm-up.

Course is at the Griffiss Business Park, Perimeter Rd.  Ride to the start line at the far end of Perimeter Road, 2.5 miles past the FAMILY DOLLAR warehouse. Here is the start line on google maps.

A bicycle time trial race is called “the race of truth”.    Drafting or hiding in the pack are not allowed, just you and your bicycle against the clock.  A Time Trial (TT) is the perfect forum to ride as hard as you can in a controlled setting.  You can measure your improving fitness through the course of the cycling season, and it is the perfect introduction to bicycle racing.  

 — 10 Mile and 5 Mile options available.

– – Three volunteers are needed each week: two timers, and a flag person at the turnaround.       Even if you do not TT, it is an opportunity to watch the TTers give it their all, and support the club.  Please consider volunteering.

 — Season points competition for Green, Yellow and Pink jerseys for 10 mile participants

 — Those competing for a jersey must time twice during the season

 – Face masks and social distancing required when not riding; until further notice

 — Season ends the last Tuesday of August

 — For questions, or to volunteer, contact janicempowers@yahoo.com

See Tuesday TT Parking lot to course for location.

5:45 p.m. from the Westmoreland area.  

April through May 13 start will be from Westmoreland  Justice Court/Town Hall at 100 Station Road, off E. Main St./Stone Rd., 2/10 mile east of Westmoreland Traffic Light.  

May 20th on will be from Westmoreland Town Park: 5025 Stop 7 Rd, Whitesboro, NY

This is a C ride on mostly moderate terrain at a slower pace. Later in the season, some hills might be added. These rides are conducive to conversation and sightseeing.  Those wanting to do a faster pace are welcome to come.  They will be sent out first.  Sweeper and Ride Leader volunteers welcome. Face masks and social distancing required when not riding; until further notice.

Twice per month (One Saturday and One Sunday) a club member will host a food theme ride.
After the ride we will socialize and snack on the food theme of the ride. The location and start
time will vary. Please see the weekly club emails for details on the weekend food theme rides.

Group Category

Use the following table to help you determine which ride group that you will be comfortable in.  Keep in mind that the speeds shown are average speeds; actual speeds may be higher or lower.  If you are unsure which ride you should be on, take the less strenuous ride.  You can always upgrade the next week.




Group ADifficult, 35+ miles18-20mph average on flat terrain
16-18mph average on rolling/hilly terrain
15-16mph average on very hilly terrain
Group BAdvanced, 35+ miles15-18mph average on flat terrain
13-16mph average on rolling/hilly terrain
12-14mph average on very hilly terrain
Group CModerate, 20+ miles12-15mph average on flat terrain
10-13mph average on rolling/hilly terrain
9-11mph average on very hilly terrain


Riding Requirements

Review our Group-Ride Etiquette page:

NYBC provides a summary of principal laws and requirements. Helmets are required for all rides. Earphones are not permitted. Aero bars may not be used at any group ride, except the Tuesday Time Trial.  For all other rides, if you have a bike without aero bars please use that. Non-members are allowed to ride with us once before they will be required to join the club. Non-members will be required to sign a liability waiver. All riders are expected to obey applicable NYS motor vehicle laws. Those riders who have to be spoken to for more than 2 times by a board member about unsafe riding conditions will be barred from future club rides for the rest of the season without compensation on their dues.  Make sure you have the route, a buddy and the host cell phone number in case you run into problems on the road.