Become a Sponsor

A sponsor is a company or organization that aligns with Mohawk Valley Bicycling Club’s mission and wants to be involved in helping the club with a financial donation and other methods of support.


The Sponsor agrees to pay MVBC $400 for a 2 year period that may be paid in 2 equal installments during the 1st quarter of the calendar year unless other arrangements have been made.

Sponsor Benefits:
  • The Sponsor is allowed to have 4 Free memberships that they can use to allow their employees or family members to use on club rides.  Anyone riding with the club is asked to fill out a current Liability Waiver form for that Calendar year.
  • The Sponsor’s Logo will be placed on the Club jersey when they are reprinted for the 2 years that the current design is active, unless the sponsor chooses to not have their logo on the jersey.
  • The Sponsor will also have their logo placed on the Web site, application forms.
  • The Sponsor is allowed 2 free tickets to the annual Banquet/Meetingr.
  • The MVBC will highlight the sponsor’s business with a Sponsor night/event at the Sponsor’s request
Reach out through our contact form to inquire or with questions!