Spotlight for Omar Ramos

How long have you been cycling? I’ve been cycling consistently for five years, but I’ve ridden on and off since my twenties. 

What is your favorite thing about riding? The physical benefits, mental challenge, and overall sense of accomplishment. But even more, I can’t wait to share about the things I did and saw after I complete a “run.”

How many miles per year do you typically ride? Approximately 2,500 miles.

Why did you join MVBC, and what have you enjoyed most? I joined MVBC to make new friends in a sport I love and to experience riding in groups. I’ve learned more about the science of cycling as well as new routes and techniques. 

What is your favorite road to ride on? It really depends on the day. I love hills and flats, so my favorite flat road is River Road between Oriskany & Rte. 291, my favorite climb is Glass Factory Road, and my favorite downhill is Trenton Road.

What is your favorite route*? I call it the “Oriskany Run.” I get a great workout pretty much any day and time…definitely my fave. It has a good climb up Trenton & Glass Factory Roads, a nice flat on River Road, and a fun stretch through Oriskany & Whitesboro.

What is one future cycling goal you have? I hope to do a 100-mile ride. I’ll have to depend on my friends and ride partners to help make that a reality. 

What is the best advice you have for a new rider? Just ride and have fun! The more you ride, the more fun it can be. Find friends to ride with, take pictures during your ride, and share your experience with family.  

*Omar’s favorite route: 23 miles.